Traffic conditions, Occhiuto: the Limina gallery will almost certainly not close, we are optimistic


By John

“We have worked intensely in recent weeks, with a permanent table between the Region and Anas. I’m very happy because almost certainly the Limina gallery will not close, and so no part of Calabria will remain isolated”. This was stated in a note Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region. “The Region, with the general director Claudio Moroni, put forward a proposal: to secure the tunnel by leaving it open to the transit of vehicles. With this scheme there will be Night-time and limited closures only: Ambulances, however, will always be able to pass. We have verified this possibility with Anas, and this idea of ​​ours seems feasible. With commitment, professionalism and self-sacrifice, even the most complex situations can be resolved. We are optimistic.”