Tragedy in the Catanzaro area, two-year-old child dies. There is a mystery about the causes


By John

Tragedy in the province of Catanzaro on New Year’s morning. A two-year-old boy died suddenly while at home with his family. The incident occurred in Cropani Marina, a center in the province of Catanzaro. According to initial findings, the little one would have breakfast, then start playing and suddenly collapse. Rescue was immediate. A 118 ambulance, the police and an air ambulance arrived on the scene, but there was nothing that could be done for the child. The little boy lives in the Ionian center with his Nigerian mother and two other brothers. He was dismayed in the village, with the community immediately rallying around the family. Investigations into the causes of death are underway, but at the moment a heart problem has not been ruled out.

To break the news Mayor Raffaele Mercurio: “There are tragic events that happen on days like this as if to remind us that there is always greater suffering than any of us can experience and feel at a given moment in life… This morning he passed away a two-year-old child of Nigerian nationality, Marvelous. The causes are being investigated but this child with his family at this stage of their life are in Cropani Marina, in our country. I felt a strong need to make myself available trying to do as much as possible to be close to the poor child’s family. In the next few hours/days I will let you know how I can help them.”