Tropea, rags fly in the Council. Last act Macrì-Pensabene


By John

Rags continue to fly between the outgoing councilor Annunziata Pensabene and the mayor Giovanni Macrì. That they were at loggerheads was confirmed with the resignation of the councilor; but there is no shortage of arrows, even today that he sits as an independent among the oppositions. In the minutes, in the Council, the motivational letter that explained the “divorce” from the majority, in particular the choice of Saverio Vallone to pass with “Forza Tropea”, welcomed with open arms by the mayor who in the “case” Pensabene would instead have appreciated a discussion “visually”.
A break which, however, had now been initiated “through an administrative action – he pointed out piccata – based on his decisions, unable to involve towards group actions. All centered on self-referentialism that has tired me and the citizens». Thus motivates the distrust of the mayor, in short, Pensabene, also charging him increases in the water fee and the Tari, in addition to the exorbitant costs for various initiatives and onerous contributions to associations; index against legal advice and the lack of attention towards citizens: «After 4 years the water problem has not been resolved; not even a shadow of the island’s ecology. And for the Port, no implication but only negative balances for the Municipality; in addition, a connecting lift and underground parking: what happened to them? The public toilets completed in the Villa Comunale are not in operation: why? What has been done for the cliff, for the hospital and health care?».