Unaccompanied foreign minors in the “poorest” families, Calabria Democratic Party: Occhiuto’s proposal inadmissible

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By John

“I find the President’s proposal Roberto Occhiuto to “assign” unaccompanied foreign minors who land on the Calabrian, and more generally Italian, coasts to the “poorest” families upon payment of economic contributions, which is absolutely inadmissible for various reasons”. This was stated in a note by Mariachiara Chiodoof the regional secretariat of the Democratic Party.
“First of all, unaccompanied foreign minors – explained Chiodo – are hypervulnerable subjects for whom they must be thought of, in agreement with the Juvenile Court which has jurisdiction over them, integration and growth paths that look exclusively to the best interests of the minor. Thinking of including children who, due to their condition, are in themselves weak and problematic subjects in contexts of marginality and economic difficulty would mean “implementing the already existing marginalities”. Perhaps families below the poverty line, Mr. President, they would need support with measures to support income and employment as well as assistance from the responsible social services and not having to take care of traumatized teenagers and children, with respect to whom there are linguistic and often cultural barriers”.

Furthermore, “thinking of making unaccompanied foreign minors an “economic business” – according to Chiodo – is the most vulgar thing that could be proposed. Migrants are not a business. Minors must be protected as bearers of vulnerability. With minors yes builds the future of society, regardless of their origin. If this is our President’s proposal for the future then we feel light years away from this vision. In reality it would be enough for these same minors to enter into a possible “temporary foster care” path, perhaps in collaboration with local services. There are many problems related to immigration, but President Occhiuto’s recipe certainly cannot and must not be accepted!”