Unauthorized building, Municipality of Vibo: out of 31 practices, an artifact was demolished and 30 were processed


By John

The mayor of Vibo Valentia, «having regard to the appointment of the ad acta commissioner by the Calabria Region regarding the fight against illegal building; having regard to the decree of the President of the Calabria Region of February ca, where 31 interventions of building abuses are indicated », he specified that, «of the aforementioned 31 practices, one is demolished at the care and expense of the perpetrator of the abuse, while the remaining thirty appear to have been processed, as communicated to the Public Prosecutor and Prefecture of Vibo Valentia, and that, therefore, only for mere material error, the communication of the fulfillment of the contents of the aforementioned notice was not also addressed to the Calabria Region”.

Furthermore, “with regard to the activity carried out, it should be noted that: 17 orders of non-compliance with the demolition, with related penalties, of buildings located on private land were notified, for which the procedure for the appointment of the professional (technician ) for the completion of the cadastral operations splitting/stacking and economic evaluation of any demolition, necessary for the acquisition of the municipal assets and preparatory to the consequent proposal to the Municipal Council for the declaration of the existence/non-existence of public interests pursuant to art. 31 paragraph 5 of Presidential Decree 380/2001; for the 13 illegal interventions falling on state-owned and municipal land, the economic operator for the demolition of the illegal buildings was identified, following a tender, and that the demolition works will take place immediately after the summer period, subject to agreement with the police forces. For the continuation of the demolition procedures, the total sum of one million Euros has been allocated in the Municipal Budget. So much to demonstrate the commitment made by the offices regarding the fight against unauthorized building ».