University of Messina, Giovanna Spatari chooses the six vice-rectors: there are Germanà and Saitta


By John

Rector Giovanna Spatari has resolved her last reservations about the names of the first six vice-rectors: they are Eugenio Cucinotta (relations with the Polyclinic), former vicar; Ida Milone (to Teaching), Paola Dugo (to search), Ninì Germanà (to the Right to Education), Antonio Saitta (to the Administrative Organization), Mariagrazia Sindoni (to Intercultural Exchanges). In recent weeks the vice-rector had already been appointed, Giuseppe Giordano. This is the first act of establishing the governance of the University which will subsequently be implemented with sectoral delegations and, based on specific needs and requirements, with working groups with thematic objectives.

Luigi Chiara, right-hand man of the former rector Salvatore Cuzzocrea, remains out as per rumors. According to what has filtered in recent weeks and during the election campaign, his exclusion was one of the conditions posed by the professor. Moschella for the electoral agreement. And how complicated it was to define the picture is confirmed by the period of time that elapsed between the election of Professor Spatari as head of the University (28 November) and the choice of the vice-rectors: over 40 days.