Unscheduled in S. Donato di Ninea, the list of the former police commissioner is missing and the “enemies” celebrate… mourning


By John

Funeral poster with name and symbol from a list posted, presumably in the night between Saturday and Sunday, in the San Donato area. It is the one called “Free to change”, which had been announced as a coalition participating in the June administrative elections led by Vincenzo Vuono, from San Donato and former police commissioner of Isernia and Macerata, who in the last few hours, however, had been forced to do an “about-face” also due to the defection of some candidates. Now, regardless of any criminal complaints that may exist because the poster also bears the “logo” of the list which has been visible for longer on a social media page, the gesture remains truly deplorable. And if it all boils down to just a simple joke or mockery for not being able to present the announced list, the whole thing is really in bad taste. Precisely the group of people making up the possible list, which would have been the third in addition to the two candidates, last week – through a note from them – had feared “failure to participate in the electoral round”.

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