US Acli Cosenza, here we are: 24 battleships at the starting line in the Futsal League from Monday


By John

Two leagues, 24 teams, hundreds of players involved. The countdown has started for the start of the circuit’s amateur five-a-side football championships Futsal League. This year too, Us Acli and iMARCOs (the Cosenza fustal duo Marco Falace and Marco Soliberto) have thought big to present a top-notch double competition at the starting line: Futsal Premier League and Futsal Championship League.

When to start and how to follow the championships

Teams on the field already next week, because the championships will begin on Monday 16 October (the matches will be played from Monday to Friday of each week, on the fields of the province of Cosenza) and it will be possible to follow the events through social channels useclicosenza.

Playoffs, playouts and “other” competitions

The promotion and relegation mechanisms are very confirmed (complete with playoffs and playouts), with the aim of fostering healthy competition between the participating teams who will take part in the amateur sporting events.

At the same time, the Futsal Cup will also be developed, which will pit all the teams present in the Futsal League against each other. That’s all? Not at all, because the Futsal Championship League and Futsal Athletes League will be part of the Us Acli-iMARCOs offer: the top 8 classified in last year’s Premier League will be on the field together with other “guest” teams from other championships played in the cities of ‘Cosenza hinterland.


In the Premier League the hunt is open for Armazem Cosenza, the reigning provincial and national champion. Nardi’s group remains the one to beat, with an enviable record: they won all the races last season.

And then? There is the Roglianese. Sicily has been putting its players under control since this summer to better prepare for the assault on the championship. The team boasts several seasons in the FIGC and for years has been a formidable opponent throughout the region.

Beware of underestimating even the new team that is advancing, BFB Rovito, fresh from a sumptuous year, which coincided with promotion to the top flight thanks to the victory of the 2022/2023 Futsal Championship League. This year too he is a candidate for the final victory. Does it smell like a shotgun?

Another luxury confirmation is Calabria Young who this year will also be involved in the FIGC Serie D: a far-sighted football project the likes of which have not been seen in Spezzano for a long time.
The Football Lattarico, new entry, newly formed team is a candidate for the role of rising star of the provincial territory, while the lions of the Giovanile Bianchi are ready to amaze again, year after year, from the youth team up to the first team.
And then there is space for Soccer Cerisano, which maintained the category with a superlative season, and for Rose Futsal, another confirmation of value that increases the level of competition.
To close the circle of the group it’s up to four teams who found space thanks to the repechage: Atlas Acri, a local team that has every intention of making a loud statement by being able to count on a compact group of boys with excellent experience in the various fields of the province; San Nicola Oratory which can offer an excellent outlet for a very prolific youth sector; Soccer San Pietro, a historic group for the league, which will once again be talked about; Don Marano, just re-founded, which will start again with young people with experience in provincial futsal.


It will be a very tough championship. The Spezzano Calcio a 5, loaded with buckshot, has been working for months to beat the competition and gain the upper hand in the climb towards the Premier League. Rizzo’s group presents itself as one of the teams to beat.

Wild Boars should be kept under observation: the boys are ready, they want to have their say and no longer stand by and watch.

Also watch out for new entries. Esaro United, for example, a team with great experience on the amateur fields of the province, a strong candidate for a season as protagonists.

Sometimes… they return, in the case of Romualdo Montagna, thanks to their experience in this sports sector, being one of the most far-sighted clubs in the province.
The Atletico Cutura train is chugging along again. The Rendesi are in the midst of their athletic preparation and this year they will aim for a season at high levels.
We must also welcome Real Cannuzze, a team of experienced footballers, but making their debut in the Futsal League, who will clearly want to have their say and make a very respectable CV count.
Another entry worth mentioning is that of Castiglione Futsal, a new team ready to lay the foundations for a bright future. There are also those, like Lago Calcio, who have always worked with passion and with a great spirit of aggregation: they will try again this year.
And Lactaric C5? He returns to the field with an air of renewal that can be felt. It will serve to respect a long tradition in five-a-side football.
FC Cutura, for its part, managed to give continuity to the project this year too.
There is curiosity around Arintha Futsal, a new entry that has put together a highly respectable team with the common goal of having fun and bringing together people.
After a troubled summer, Campetto Marzi is back, fresh from a fantastic season capped off with promotion to the Premier League, but some corporate events did not allow them to continue with the top division. But now the guys from Mirabelli are ready to give an encore.