Pizzo, medical guard closed: «We don’t know which days»


By John

In the second largest population after the capital, feeling ill is a “luxury”, especially when the healthcare system provides care on an… occasional basis. Just like what happened on Christmas Eve, without the coverage of the emergency medical service. The unfortunate people who learned about it by going to the office then rushed to the “Jazzolino” emergency room, wasting further time (which in some cases could be fatal) and burdening the Vibo service.
This will not be an isolated case: those who need medical help can only go there, hoping that the office located at the Santa Maria del Carmine Health and Social Care Services Center is open. But he will have to rely on fate or leaf through a daisy (it will be… “open or closed”) because the ASP doesn’t give any certainties. A tragicomic and Kafkaesque story, entrusted to the sign placed on the glass door.