Vatican Chief, “Summer at Berto’s house”: how work changes after the pandemic


By John

Last appointment today in the garden of the Berto house in Capo Vaticano di Ricadithe place of “buen retiro” of the Venetian writer Giuseppe Bertowhere the VIII edition of Summer at home Berto, the festival directed by Antonia Berto And Marco Mottolesein memory of Bert’s work and of that place which still today evokes the great intangible and cultural heritage he left behind.
After the first two days, which saw protagonists Emanuele Trevi and his The Magician’s House (published by Ponte alle Grazie, 2023); the actor Domenico Pinelli; the scholar Nick Ceramella; Edward Lear’s Journey to Calabria with Raffaele Gaetano; and the director Luca Lucini, yesterday the festival hosted the Lectio magistralis of the ethologist and Academician of the Lincei Enrico Alleva, entitled “Animals to be protected in Calabria”. The meeting was introduced by journalist Giancarlo Loquenzi, host of Zapping, Rai Radio 1.
Following this, the journalists Marco Antonellis and Giancarlo Loquenzi paid homage to Andrea Purgatori, the great journalist who recently passed away, with a focus on the episode of Atlantide Ustica, 40 years of lies. «The shooting down of the Itavia Dc9 on 27 June 1980, with its 81 victims – commented the two reporters – has returned to the fore thanks to a long interview by the former Prime Minister Giuliano Amato in Repubblica. Amato’s theses are not new, but very well argued and have given strength to the version of the missile that would have hit the aircraft during a sort of peacetime war in the skies of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The same belief that, for many years, Andrea Purgatori cultivated and tried to demonstrate with all the journalistic and investigative ability of which he was capable.” For this reason, Estate a Casa Berto, which, in its program, had included a tribute dedicated to Andrea Purgatori, has decided to highlight the contribution that he has given to keep alive attention on a story that has never been completely clarified and still painfully without culprits.
Tonight, at 7.00 pm, Mammut Teatro presents the reading “Smart Work”, by Armando Canzonieri and Gianluca Vetromilo, who also directs it, and with Francesco Rizzo and Francesco Ferlaino (JVas). A text that was born in the aftermath of the pandemic to open reflections on the topic of work in the Millennial generation. The protagonists will then talk about it with journalists Anna Mallamo from Gazzetta del Sud and Valeria Bonacci.
Summer at Casa Berto 2023 will end with a show designed specifically for the festival: “Carne nuova”, ensemble for music and voice with the composer and violinist Rodrigo D’Erasmo (Afterhours, The lights of the power plant, Nidi d’Arac) and the actress Anna Ammirati (“Mare Fuori”, “The longest night of the year”) with verses by Nina Cassian, Wisława Szymborska and Patrizia Valduga.
Summer at home Berto 2023 is organized with the patronage and contribution of the Municipality of Ricadi and thanks to the support of Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa, the first wellness destination in Calabria, of “De’ Minimi”, the only restaurant in Tropea of ​​the Michelin selection and of Distilleries Caffo, producer of the famous “Amaro del Capo”, produced a few kilometers away from Berto’s places, and which has always had the stylized image of Capo Vaticano on the label.