Taibi’s greeting to the fans: “Thank you for everything, stay close to Reggina”


By John

Massimo Taibi’s last words of love to his fans. The last words to say thank you. “Dear Reggina fans – writes Taibi – we have arrived to say goodbye, the time of my second stay in Reggio is over. They were 5 years and 4 months very intense, full of emotions, of great satisfactions on the pitch (a continuous crescendo of results, right up to the end) and of tribulations off the pitch. It ended in the worst way and I don’t intend to go back to it; I don’t do it because everyone understood well what happened and above all because people have the right to look forward, with optimism. For my part, I can say, on a professional level, that I have always followed the club’s guidelines regarding transfer policy, and in any case, that I have always operated driven by that something extra which was the attachment to the city, to the amaranth shirt, as I tried to demonstrate until the end, well beyond the maximum time!
In my heart I will carry the joy and affection received from you and the exhilaration that took us, together, from the goal of survival in Serie C to playing for promotion to Serie A in the playoffs.”

“I also want to thank all the players, coaches, collaborators and all those who have been part of the Reggina family over the years! One last thing I want to tell you, however: stay close to Reggina, whoever the protagonists, the actors, are, you have no idea what push you are capable of giving and how useful this push is to reach ever higher goals. I thank you and I hug you all. Go Reggina”