Vibo, competitions on the edge of… elections. Palazzo “Luigi Razza” does an encore


By John

The reactivation of the competition machine at the “Luigi Razza” palace is still controversial. After that, in recent days, the group of Future City had asked the mayor to postpone the procedure for managerial-administrative instructor, this is what could represent a new case on the selection front.

Well, as regards the area of ​​highly qualified officials – former management instructor profile (communication area), last 17 January the candidates were notified of the postponement of the selective test, initially set for the first February 2024, date to be determined. But at a later stage, «having noted that the applications received were equal to 119, the organization arranged for the written test to be held on April 10th, at 9 am, in the premises of Palazzo Santa Chiara. There will be sixty multiple choice questions, on the subjects covered by the announcement, for a total duration of one hour. The first twenty candidates, including any ex-aequo, placed as such following the preliminary test, will be called to take the oral test, scheduled for the following 22 April, in the premises of the municipal library. If the number of candidates in the written test is small, less than fifty, the Institution reserves the right to carry out the oral test directly.
And, since there will be only one winner, there is no doubt that the opportunity to hold the competition procedure in the middle of the electoral campaign, a month and a half before the elections, is destined to raise further discontent. The same stomach aches caused after the municipal administration's decision to hold a competition for the hiring of two employees, category D1, managerial-administrative instructor profile. On the other hand, already in recent months someone had explained the opportunity to postpone the start of the selections to a less heated phase, on a purely political level.