«Catanzaro at the level of the big names». Evacuo: «The team can compete with anyone, Iemmello is great»


By John

One is intended for direct promotion, the other can still amaze and create problems for anyone. Parma-Catanzaro at the resumption of the championship, not bad things for Easter Monday in Serie B. «The spectacle will be guaranteed, I expect a good match between two teams who are having a great championship and are also excellent on a technical level».
Felice Evacuo talks about two realities that he knows well. In Emilia he passed in the 2016-17 Lega Pro season (together with Ciccio Corapi), in the Giallorossi a few years later (2020-21) he crossed the finish line of 200 goals in professional leagues (with the spoon from a penalty against Bari) and touched up the record of best striker in Serie C (with 175 centres).
«The 0-5 in the first leg? In my opinion it won't have any impact, that match was a misstep by Catanzaro in a group that was played very well anyway. There can be a bad day, now he has another awareness, he has gone through many trials”, underlines Evacuo, who ended his career as a player two years ago, but is always around given that he passed the sports director course and is now preparing the agent exam.
«Both teams have excellent coaches. Pecchia is younger, but has already had very important experiences, he won Serie B with Hellas Verona and Cremonese. Vivarini has built something wonderful in Catanzaro in these two and a half years, but the difference is always made by the players.” In this case the cover names come out easily, in the same way as when he scored in bursts: «I say Iemmello and Man, they can have an impact because I imagine there will be many scoring opportunities, so the attackers will have to capitalize on them».
Forwards yes, but with different characteristics compared to those of the “real 9” that Evacuo had: «The center forward has been somewhat erased in modern football, we tend to let players play who doesn't provide references, but Pietro is a center forward in the true sense of the word. He had already demonstrated his worth, he had arrived in Catanzaro with a bit of skepticism, but in some ways he was reborn. He is truly great.”
Iemmello is the driving force behind a group that is flying high and must not stop believing in it: «Parma, due to the advantage they have over third place and their continuous performance, has a guaranteed place among the top two, but in Serie B there are many teams of level and in my opinion Catanzaro is one of these, if it can still play. He starts behind the leaders, recovering eight points against Venezia won't be easy, but he can have his say, not just in the playoffs.”
Despite being a freshman: «He paid the price of coming from Serie C, 30 million would have been needed to remake the team from scratch, the Calabrian club's policy is different and at the same time successful. Then he forged ahead in the standings, if he's there among the richest clubs it means he's having an extraordinary championship.”
For ideas and protagonists: «Scognamillo surprised me more than anyone, when we played together in Trapani you could see his qualities, but for me now he is one of the strongest defenders in the category». If Evacuo says it, you have to believe him.