Vibo, indignation over the words of mayor Limardo on the “last”


By John

There is no peace for the mayor of Vibo Maria Limardo. After the tensions of recent days, in a desperate attempt to identify new councilors for his council, in the press conference to present the remodeled team, here is the “gaffe” that raised a fuss. The mayor, in fact, in presenting the new Councilor for Social Policies Arcangelo Scionti, defined him as the bridge between «the world of the least and that of bureaucracy and politics». A statement that has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of those directly involved as well as politics. It was Enrico Mignolo, president of the “Ioutentino” association, close to the world of autism and disability, who immediately pointed the finger at the mayor: “These are words that strike me – he warned – as the father of a” last ” and which I imagine also affect other “least”, children, sisters, brothers or relatives of people who work in or for the municipal administration».

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