Vibo, lost funding for libraries? Mayor Limardo tries to clarify


By John

Regarding press reports relating to the alleged loss of the 10 thousand euro loan in the Culture sectorthe mayor of Vibo Valentia Maria Limardo declares the following:

“Since the beginning of my mandate, as mayor I have always provided the municipal offices, like my past and present councillors, with very clear and unequivocal political directives, especially with regard to the attention to be paid to regional financing opportunities, national and community. In this case, I immediately asked the offices for clarification on what was reported in the press. I have been told that this is a mere administrative misunderstanding between the institution and the ministry. If so, the issue is already resolved and no funding will be lost. Otherwise, I am ready to prepare all initiatives, within my competence, so that action can be taken against the staff responsible for any distorted activities that the administration and the city cannot afford“.