Vibo, red coffers and a green city. Lots of bills, little maintenance


By John

A “green” city on the front of balance sheets cannot, however, be overlooked public “green”., that is, the management of villas and municipal parks which, in reality, often appear in pitiful conditions to the indignant eyes of residents. But that’s it. The amounts are allocated, the work is carried out, the invoices of those who manage the service are necessarily paid.
And they are not exactly peanuts, in light of the exploratory notice, resulting from the green maintenance project, the custody of villas and municipal parks, dating back to last spring, with which it was decided to donate to the cause – Pantalone will probably be angry but not much it matters – 111 thousand euros, unless a tender is launched for the assignment of the service.
A tender which – according to what accredited sources at the unreachable and very busy offices of the “Luigi Razza” building report – has been ready for months now, but has yet to see the light. Thus, from month to month, the organization – burdened by a debt that still, despite the “miracles”, amounts to almost 31 million – finds itself paying the company that participated in the… project. The last instalment, which is close to 15 thousand euros, if tax charges are also included, was paid a few days ago. All for the period included, between October and November of the current year.