What a comeback with Picerno! Emmausso and Zunno get Messina back on their feet


By John


Markers: 20′ and 41′ Santarcangelo, 23′ st Emmausso, 30′ st Zunno

Messina (4-2-3-1): Fumagalli 6.5, Lia 5.5 (28′ st Salvo 6), Polito 5, Dumbravanu 5, Ortisi 5.5, Franco 6.5, Firenze 5 (1′ st Frisenna 6.5), Rosafio 6.5 (46′ st Scafetta sv), Emmausso 6.5 (46′ st Plescia sv), Zunno 7, Luciani 5 (1′ st Ragusa 6.5). On the bench: Piana, Di Bella, Salvo, Manetta, Zona, Fumagalli J., Giunta, Civilleri, Signorile, Cavallo. All.: Modica 6
Picerno (4-2-3-1): Merelli 5, Pagliai 6 (21′ st Novella 5), ​​Gilli 6, Allegretto 6, Guerra 6.5, Pitarresi 6, Gallo 6.5 (37′ Ciko 5), Albertini 6 , Santarcangelo 7.5 (40′ st Petito sv), D’Agostino 6.5 (1′ st Graziani 5.5), Murano 6. On the bench: Esposito, Summa, Ceccarelli, Savarese, Cadili, Albadoro. All.: Longo 6
Referee: Lovison from Padua 6 Assistants: Paggiola from Legnago and Masciale from Molfetta
Note: Corners: 6 and 4 Booked: Zunno (M), Rosafio (M), Firenze (M) Recovery time: 2′ pt and 4′ st

Messina with two faces: first half not very concrete, second half full of character and comeback from 0-2 to 2-2 against vice-leaders Picerno. The guests started better, dangerous at the start with Albertini (Fumagalli deflected) and struck in the 19th minute with Santarcangelo, who reiterated Fumagalli’s rebound from Murano’s header into the net. The Giallorossi’s reaction relied on shots from outside, always imprecise, and Picerno closed the first half with a double advantage once again with a goal from Santarcangelo, only too much from a free kick from Pitarresi.
Messina changes gear in the second half: in the 15th minute Ragusa scores from a few steps away, but the referee cancels it due to Emmausso’s irregular position. The equalizer came in the 23rd minute when an indecision between Merelli and Novella opened the door for Emmausso, while in the 30th minute Zunno’s masterpiece: a cross from the back by Frisenna and a magnificent overhead kick from the attacker in the center of the area which made it 2-2. Comeback that exalts the Giallorossi, who also look for the feat but the result does not change and a good draw still arrives against a difficult high-ranking opponent.