Work at the port of Catanzaro, we are looking for a sprint


By John

Yet another month of waiting to know the contents of the economic-financial plan for the port of Catanzaro Lido at the end of the completion works. In recent days the advisor Kpmg has in fact carried out an inspection of the area that will be affected by the intervention after a meeting at Palazzo De Nobili with administrators and municipal managers. On the discussion table Рin which the deputy mayor and holder of the delegation for the development of the port system participated, Giusy Iemma, the manager of the major works Giovanni Laganà and the rup Laura Abraham Рthe numbers of the operation: from the overall costs, which are close to 40 million euros, to the capacity of the new structure in terms of berths and services up to the potential impact on the city economy. All in order to understand the attractiveness of the port for which the Fiorita administration intends to focus on project financing, through an integrated tender, which therefore includes executive planning, construction and concession management.