Yet another alarm from the Aeolian Islands: 'Precarious maritime connections… and tourism is affected'


By John

Federalberghi Aeolian Islands launches yet another alarm to stigmatize the precariousness of maritime connections with the smaller islands. «We spent a May 1st and an eve of passion with several major complaints and inconveniences that affected the most distant islands of the Aeolian archipelago. The alarms come in particular from the islands of Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli, which are increasingly isolated and damaged. According to many islanders, there were too many trips with reservations, too many stopovers omitted, too many routes canceled following vehicles not repositioned on line.

«Whenever the forecasts, sometimes alarmist and not always entirely justified, start to turn ugly, the fear of not traveling is sown and we are promptly prompted with complaints and concerns coming from our associates, tour operators, traders or by simple citizens”, adds Christian Del Bono, president of Federalberghi Aeolian Islands. «We have groups of tourists who leave early for fear of not being able to travel regularly on the scheduled day for departure and islands which, thanks to the unexpected reductions still underway in the shipping sector, remain without basic necessities. The damage is economic but even more so social”, adds Del Bono. «This management of maritime connections, also due to the failure to establish the announced and never launched monitoring system, is leading to the depopulation of the smaller islands; it is unimaginable damage that is becoming irreversible.”