2024 dawned in Calabria amidst uncertain prospects


By John

Calabria lives the metaphor of the middle earth, suspended between hope and desperation. The inflation that has dictated strict rules throughout 2023 will continue to make fun of our Southern Italy for at least the next two years. All the reports define Calabria as disarmed, wounded, bent by the economic situation which is filling all its resources with negativity. A prose that announces a not very dynamic GDP with a growth that in the perimeter of regional productions will not exceed 0.5%. An increasingly opaque scenario, therefore, which will reduce the chances of recovery amidst a social malaise that will eventually worsen. Negative forecasts anchored to the slowdown in international trade and the increase in interest rates which have reached unexplored heights. A trend already emerged in the autumn with growth forecasts halved in Italy for the new year: from +1.2% in the update note to the Def at the end of September to +0.6% of the Bank of Italy in mid-December (and in Calabria drops to +0.5%).

The scenery

The projection for this 2024 which has just begun lacks certain coordinates but the dawn of the new year has already arisen amidst new fears which risk generating tensions both in the world of small and medium-sized businesses and in that of the weakest families who have lost purchasing power in the last twelve months. A cone of shadow that will inevitably suck domestic finances into increasingly ruin, while the number of small and medium-sized companies that risk falling to the brink of collapse will grow. And even the most important aspects of our production will be affected by the disruption that will bring new suffering.