Agriculture, the Sicilian Region publishes four tenders for 35 million euros


By John

Four tenders, for a total of 35 million euros, to support the competitiveness of Sicilian agricultural businesses. The regional Department of Agriculture has just published the notices relating to the Complement for the rural development of the Sicilian Region to the CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027. «These are measures – explains the regional councilor for Agriculture Luca Sammartino – which aim to support product promotion activities, the sharing of knowledge and innovations in agriculture, provide support to beekeeping and improve farming practices. We want to make our businesses increasingly competitive and in step with the times, we work quickly and quickly to equip our farmers with suitable tools to face the challenges of a strategic sector”.

Five million euros are intended for the promotion of quality products to consumers and operators on the European market, through the “SRG 10 Intervention” call. The objective is to inform about the nutritional characteristics of agri-food production, highlighting the environmental advantages linked to the use of sustainable production techniques. Furthermore, the call aims to encourage supply chain integration to improve the competitiveness of agricultural companies. The opening and closing dates of the tender will be communicated with a subsequent notice.
For the dissemination and sharing of knowledge, innovations and digitalisation processes in agriculture and rural areas, the tender “SRH06 Back office services for the AKIS (Agricultural knowledge and innovation system)” was published. The financial allocation of 1.5 million will be used to support back office services to provide information and specialist support on the use of natural resources (water, soil, air), atmospheric events and climate change, problems connected to the livestock and forestry sectors and plant production and on market conditions and business management. Applications must be submitted through the Sian portal from 15 February 2024 to 31 December 2026.
However, 7.5 million resources have been allocated to beekeeping with the 2024 call for “SRA 18 Intervention”. In particular, the measure aims to combat the decline of pollinators by supporting beekeeping practices that protect biodiversity. The notice is aimed at operators who practice beekeeping in areas that are particularly relevant from an environmental and naturalistic point of view.
Finally, the green light has also been given to the fourth tender relating to the “SRA 30 Animal Welfare Intervention” which, with 21 million euros, encourages more sustainable farming practices, which ensure less stress and physical suffering for animals, adequate nutrition, lower emissions and better management of wastewater and excrement.