From 2024 Dazn will increase the cost of subscriptions: an increasingly competitive environment. Here is the new price list


By John

At the beginning of the new year, Dazn, as Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+ have done, is about to increase the subscription rates to the streaming platform. Increases due to an increasingly competitive environment, which has created challenges for the sector. Here is the new price list for the streaming platform, which holds the television rights to Serie A until 2029 (266 exclusive matches and 114 co-exclusive). The new rates apply not only to new subscribers, but also to those who have already subscribed to a plan: at the time of renewal, users will be notified via email of the amount to be paid, which will tend to be higher. The increase in costs affects all tariff plans: Start, Standard and Plus.

As for the cheapest plan, Dazn Start (offer dedicated to multisport which includes Italian and European basketball, NFL, boxing, UFC and “the best of international fighting”), the increase is one euro for the monthly subscription (from 13.99 to 14.99) and around 10 euros for the annual one (from 89.99 to 99 euros).

The subscription Dazn Standard, which allows you to watch matches simultaneously on two devices connected to the same network, maintains the price of 40.99 euros for the monthly subscription. However, for the annual subscription, the cost increases from 299 euros to 359 euros, with an increase of 60 euros.

Finally, the most complete subscription, Dazn Plus, which allows you to watch matches on two devices in different locations, see a increase of 4 euros for the monthly subscription (from 55.99 to 59.99) and an increase of 90 euros for the annual subscription (from 449 euros to 539 euros).