Airports of Calabria, Sacal: “Positive traffic data for the month of August”

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By John

Another positive sign for the entire Calabrian airport system which in August recorded a 9% increase equal to 376,710 total passengers compared to 346,982 in the same period of 2022. This is what emerges from a note from Sacal (Calabrian airport company ).

In detail, the Airport of the Strait registers 27,779 passengers (against 19,525 in 2022 in the same month) and a percentage of 37% while there are 672 movements (404 in August last year) with a +23%. In Reggio Calabria the highest number of registered passengers, 1131, occurred on 5 August, while on other days the travelers were between 700 and 900.

Crotone registers a notable increase , which among the three airports is the one that in the month of August, compared to the same period in 2022, grew the most: 52% regarding the total passengers (in + out) and 45% the total flights transited, which translated into absolute numbers become 27,188 and 176 aircraft assisted in arrival and departure. The busiest day was August 12th when travelers registered at the Pythagorean airport were 1333, the same number barely missed on days 5, 19 and 26.

Excellent performance also for the Lamezia Terme airport. The analysis of the airport’s traffic data in the month of August shows significant numbers: 321,743 total passengers (compared to 309,541 in 2022) and a percentage increase of 4% and 2,797 aircraft movements (2,725 in 2022) with an increase of 3%. %. The greatest turnout occurred, also for the Lamezzo airport, on 12 August in which 13,820 passengers passed through (84 movements), on all other days the traffic fluctuated between 9,000 and 12,000 transits. International traffic is also recovering strongly in Lamezia, which in the month of August alone stood at 109,739 passengers with an increase of 12% compared to August 2022 when 97,835 passengers passed through.