Bolle teacher in the square in Milan with 2300 students: “Dance is the teacher of life”


By John

The magic was repeated again and even gave us an extra surprise. Because Roberto Bolle not only managed to transform Piazza Duomo in Milan into a rehearsal room again for the greatest barre class in history. But he also received confirmation that the government is creating two new ballet companies, guaranteeing more attention to the sector, as the étoile of La Scala has been asking for years. «We have been talking about the need to do something for dance for almost two and a half years, there has been a discussion, we will soon present all the ideas that have emerged, therefore indications for the new government», said Bolle, who among the his spectators this morning also had the Undersecretary for Culture, Gianmarco Mazzi, with whom he met after the show. «In my opinion, dance has been a bit neglected in recent years – said Mazzi -. We, however, want to put a lot of effort into it because dance has values ​​that we believe in, such as that of discipline which then produces beauty: in times of bullying and youth discomfort, seeing the best of Roberto Bolle’s youth was an injection of confidence for me.”

Mazzi then explained that the two new ballet companies will refer to the lyrical-symphonic foundations, but at the moment it is still to be decided where they will be established and whether they will be able to “serve more than one foundation”. “For us this is a priority – he added – and we are also addressing the issue of the collective agreement in the sector which has been missing for 20 years”. Precisely to draw attention to the dance population in Italy (a huge reality among schools and workers), Roberto Bolle decided a year ago to organize, as part of On Dance, the Ballo in Bianco, thousands of students gathered in Piazza Duomo for a lesson at the barre. The success was such that this year the dancers present, from children to adolescents, who came from all over Italy, reached the number of 2300, the maximum capacity, and the show was broadcast live on Rai1.

Bolle, highly acclaimed by his happy and disciplined students, took on the role of the teacher, assisted in the explanation of the exercises by La Scala’s prima ballerina, Nicoletta Manni. «An incredible emotion, something unforgettable to participate in the love for this event and in the possibility of celebrating all together this art that we love – said Bolle at the end of the lesson -. I’m moved because it’s touching when you see the talent and passion in young people. We hear so much about kids who are lost, families that don’t follow them, we witness episodes of horrible news, but here is the other youth full of values. Dance is truly a teacher of life, it teaches education, respect, sensitivity, it makes you understand that you can reach your goal with small steps». “And my wish is that even if they won’t be dancers, they will continue to have within them a great conscience, great humility and sharing for a passion,” added Nicoletta Manni. With the Ballo in Bianco, On Dance (7-10 September), the great event in Milan dedicated to dance and all dance genres, conceived by Roberto Bolle in 2018, is about to close. An event that is enriched every year with new initiatives and attracts large attendances. Final party a Latina Night, tonight again in Piazza Duomo.