Amedeo Matacena’s escape abroad, the family’s long-time trusted collaborator also acquitted


By John

Acquitted with a broad formula also in the Court of Appeal in Reggio Calabria, as he had been on 24 January 2020 by the collegiate Court of Reggio Calabria. After more than ten years of “judicial ordeal” the trial of Martino Politi, 57 years old from Reggio Calabria, historical collaborator of extreme trust of the entire Matacena family. Of the knight Amedeo Matacina and his wife Raffaella de Carolis, and of Amedeo Matacena Jr.the shipowner and former deputy whose escape abroad (to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates), to escape the sentence imposed by the Supreme Court of Cassation for external complicity in mafia association, triggered the investigation and the “Breakfast” trial. Also hit by a precautionary measure of detention in prison on 8 May 2014 – the order also concerned and affected the former Minister of the Interior Claudio Scajola and the ex-wife of Matacena junior, Chiara Rizzo from Messina – Martino Politi was burdened by two hypotheses of accusations as heavy as a boulder: having cooperated in the diabolical plan of the entrepreneur Matacena to disappear from the residence in Monte Carlo, where he lived and had residence, and take refuge in a corner of the world that could ensure he would avoid prison; and the fictitious registration of some of Matacena’s companies, a ploy – according to the Reggio Calabria Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office and the investigators of the Dia Operations Center who conducted the investigations – to shield the assets, the immense patrimony of the family. Defended by the lawyers Corrado Politi and Antonino Curatola of the Reggio Calabria Bar Association, Martino Politi, always present at every single hearing (and there were dozens and dozens) with his very personal folder of documents, notes, certificates of business and personal life, was acquitted in the first instance. “The first instance sentence had perfectly outlined how the charges against Martino Politi were completely groundless, so much so that the public prosecutor appeals only for the fictitious registration of Matacena’s companies. Even if it had already been ascertained in the first instance that Martino Politi had not held any role within the companies and had never registered company shares” his defense lawyers recall and emphasize.
The charges in court also included the crime of procuring non-compliance with the sentence against Matacena Amedeo. Faced with the acquittal, the public prosecutor did not appeal.
Ten years after the acquittal also in the second degree – the trial before the first section of the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria presided over by Dr. Monica Lucia Monaco – by Martino Politi. Also for the contestation of fictitious interposition of the Matacena companies. Legitimate, and inevitable, his bitter outburst: «After 10 years, two months and 1 day my judicial ordeal is over, which has completely upset my personal, family, work and social life. In these years I have been the victim of prejudice. I have always declared myself innocent. This innocence was proclaimed by the Court of First Instance and confirmed today by the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria. Because of the accusations, I lost my job and unfortunately the first victims are always the innocent. Nothing will repay the period of imprisonment, house arrest and the obligation to remain in one’s home. I never forget the words of the Holy Pope Francis during one of his homilies that accompanied me during the period of house arrest: “if there is no work, the dignity of people is harmed”, and I was missing work precisely because of the Breakfast trial. I would like to thank my lawyers Corrado Politi and Antonino Curatola, both of the Reggio Calabria Bar Association, who with their professionalism demonstrated my innocence to the first and second degree judges”.