USA 2024, Biden’s gaffe: “I am the first black woman vice president”. And insists: “I am the most qualified for the White House”


By John

The confusion between himself as vice president of an African-American president like Barack Obama and his African-American vice president Kamala Harris is the new alleged gaffe of American President Joe Bidenwhich in the United States is no longer given any discounts.

In a radio interview, the White House chief called herself “the first black vice president to serve under a black president,” expressing pride in that, according to the New York Post, among others. Her staff downplayed X: “This is absurd. It was abundantly clear what the president meant. This would be considered perfectly normal speech for anyone else in America, and it’s certainly been normal for Joe Biden his entire career. What are we still doing?”

Biden dismisses fears, insists: ‘I’m best qualified’

“No one is more qualified than me to be president and to win the race” for the White House: “I am the most qualified”. Regardless of the fears of the party and the voters, Joe Biden reiterates that he doesn’t intend to leave and says he is confident he can win the elections and stay in office for another four years. In 22 minute interview with Abcthe US president appears more confident and incisive than his disastrous performance at the debate against Donald Trump, but his words do not seem capable of reassuring and sweeping away doubts.

Pressed by George Stephanopoulos on concerns about his age and health, Biden tries to evade questions.I’m in good shape. I wouldn’t run if I didn’t believe I could,” he said, explaining that he undergoes routine medical checkups. “They wouldn’t hesitate to tell me something was wrong,” he added. The president has not committed to an independent medical evaluation.

“With the presidency I do a complete neurological test every day”he simply said reiterating that the televised debate was a “bad episode” and “not a sign of a more serious problem”. Biden admits that he arrived at the debate exhausted and was unable to recover due to a bad cold. “The responsibility for how the debate went is mine alone”, he added, pointing the finger at the “pathological liar” of Trump who lied repeatedly.

Biden was not only dismissive of concerns about his health, but he also questioned the polls that show him trailing Trump. When Stephanopoulos told him that he had never seen a president win with 36% of the vote, Biden responded dryly: “I don’t believe that number. Our polls indicate otherwise. I remember that in 2020 they said I couldn’t win“.

And when the reporter presses him by pointing out that in 2024 it will be much more difficult, the president replies: “Not when you are running against a pathological liar. All the data indicates that it’s a head to head. I don’t think there’s anyone more qualified than me to be president and win the race. I’m the most qualified.”

The president’s performance, however, is not convincing. Many Democrats – the American media report – do not find it reassuring. “I do not think he will sweep away the worries”, observed David Axelrod, former adviser to Barack Obama. What was striking was Biden’s decision to completely exclude his exit from the race: I would do it – he said – only by divine intervention, “if the Lord Almighty told me to”.