Another Israeli hostage died in captivity in Gaza. The families: “Stop fighting, start negotiations”

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By John

The family of Inbar Haiman, 27 years old, was informed of his death in captivity in Gaza. The media reported it. Haiman was kidnapped by Hamas at the music festival in Reim, near the Strip, on 7 October.

Meanwhile, the families of the hostages held in the Gaza Strip have urged the Israeli government to end the fighting and start negotiations for their release. “We’re just recovering bodies. We want you to stop the fighting and start negotiations,” he said Noam Perrydaughter of a kidnapped Israeli, during a gathering of hostage families in Tel Aviv. Robby Chen, father of a 19-year-old hostage soldier, expressed his anger by holding an hourglass in his hand. «What are you waiting for? To make them go back to the coffins? We ask the government to talk to us today and explain what proposal they have on the table.”