Argentina, 4 Velez footballers arrested for sexual violence: reported by a young journalist


By John

The four Argentine footballers from Vélez Sarsfield, accused about ten days ago of sexually abusing a young journalist in a hotel room in Tucumán, were arrested today after appearing before a city court judge. Sebastián Sosa, Braian Cufré, Abiel Osorio and José Florentin Bobadilla, reports the NA agency, were arrested at the request of prosecutor Eugenia María Posse. The accusation in the trial is of “sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access by two or more people”.

According to what appears from the first judicial documents, even if there are four people accused, the most compromised are three, given that Sosa, the Vélez goalkeeper, could be tried but with a secondary role, having invited the complainant to the hotel where he would be the abuse occurred.

According to the complaint, shortly after midnight on March 3, the young woman arrived at the hotel and entered room 407 where, in addition to Sosa, three other footballers were also there.

“We drank a few beers – he said – and then they offered me a liqueur that made me feel dizzy, unwell and drowsy, to the point of having to lie down on a bed in a state of stupor.” “It was then – he said assured in the complaint presented by the lawyer Patricia Neme – that without any consent the four sexually abused me”.