Calabria waste plan, green light from the Regional Council


By John

The regional council approved by majority the update of the Regional Waste Management Plan adapting it to the objectives of the EU “Circular Economy” Directives – Adoption of the Regional Waste Management Plan – Urban Waste Section, of the SEA Environmental Report and related annexes and of the Non-Technical Summary”.
After the report of Pietro Rasothe advisor Davide Tavernise requested the intervention of the President of the Council Roberto Occhiuto«to explain – he said – how he intends to achieve what is written in the plan. Giovanni Muraca (Pd) justified the abstention of the Democratic Party by listing some criticisms of the waste management plan «which – he stated – starts from an inadequate planning with respect to the waste fraction, and lacks the time necessary for its implementation».
Ferdinando Laghi, dealing with some technical issues of the plan, focused on three fundamental aspects: the disposal of solid urban waste, the environmental impact, and the protection of health. «Unfortunately – he stated – we remain in the wake of 2016, of the Oliverio Plan, which did not achieve good results». However, Laghi recognized the good results obtained by Arrical, despite many critical issues. In response to the interventions, the speaker Pietro Raso highlighted the effects of the Plan «which can already be seen by 2024, when a reduction in landfill disposal is expected from 229 thousand tonnes to 185 thousand tonnes of waste». This should lead to a lowering of the tariff, and the Gioia Tauro waste-to-energy plant will allow less than 10% to go to landfill, with a further recovery of resources.