Athletics, bronze for Edoardo Alfieri from Catanzaro at the European Masters Championship in Porto Santo 2024


By John

The 20 km of the Porto Santo 2024 European Masters Athletics Championships gave us a bronze medal plus a gold team medal. The Italian athlete Edoardo Alfieri bearer of the ASD Youth sports center in the Lido district of Catanzaro, despite his efforts, he had to settle for an honorable individual third place on a route perhaps not suitable for walking, on a 500 meter circuit with ups and downs where some race judges were not present placed in the position that allowed him the best view of the athletes and control in a profile position and transit in the space included in an angle of 45°. From the analysis of these the judge draws the necessary elements to verify the regularity of the athletic gesture, which concerns the two cornerstones of continuous contact with the ground and of the advancing leg blocked at the knee from the moment of first contact with the ground until reaching the position vertical. And in order not to risk the position of the Italian team, after receiving warnings on the slopes and at the turning points, on the last stretch he had to slow down in order to be disqualified and compromise the team victory. However, the spoils of the two days of competition are notable: 3 gold medals and related individual and team European champion titles on the two distances of 10 and 20 km + a bronze medal on the 20 km road walking distance. All this enriches Edoardo Alfieri's palmares both for the results, the athletic gesture and the responsibility and co-responsibility of wearing the blue shirt. Once again a triumph, the notes of the national anthem playing and the Italian flag rising on the highest of the flagpoles thanks to this man from Calabria who finds the strength to express himself in walking, the heel and toe specialty of athletics light that carries out among many sacrifices.