Calabria, no to the presence of anti-abortion associations in clinics: councilor Amalia Bruni files a motion


By John

A motion aimed at expressing one's dissent to the law which provides for the presence of anti-abortion associations in clinics, stimulating a debate in the competent bodies, starting with the Conference of the Regions and above all asking the Calabria Region not to apply the envisaged law.

The document, filed this morning for the attention of the president of the regional council, bears the signature of the regional councilor of the Democratic Party and vice president of the Health Commission, Amalia Bruniwhich collected the requests of the regional Conference of Democrats, represented by the regional spokesperson Teresa Esposito and the provincial spokespersons Lidia Vescio, Barbara Panetta, Vladimira Pugliese, Simona Colotta and Benedetta Ventura.

“Law 194 of 22 May 1978 guarantees the right to Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVG) in public and affiliated facilities of the National Health Service – we read in the premise of the motion -. This law represented significant progress for women's right to procreative self-determination and health, reducing the risks associated with illegal abortions. Since 1978, family counseling centers have improved procreative awareness and offered the possibility of safe therapeutic abortions. The State must guarantee adequate facilities and qualified personnel for IVG, covering costs and providing pre- and post-intervention assistance.

“Family counseling centers are essential for assisting women who choose IVG, offering information on rights, social, health and welfare services and necessary certificates – we read further in the body of the motion -. Consultations are important local health facilities, the strengthening of which is necessary to make services accessible and universal.

“On April 23, 2024, the Senate approved an amendment that allows anti-abortion associations to operate in family counseling centers. This amendment, included in the decree on measures financed by the PNRR, contrasts with a resolution of the European Parliament which includes the termination of pregnancy in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU – underlines councilor Bruni again -. The amendment provides that the Regions can involve third sector entities in maternity support, without additional costs for public finances: This could limit women's right to self-determination, increasing barriers to accessing IVG. Anti-abortion subjects are not healthcare professionals but volunteers with ideological orientations, who could exert psychological pressure and provide misleading advice.”

“Family counseling centers must be supported and strengthened to protect the health and well-being of women – explains councilor Bruni -. It is essential to avoid any setbacks in the progress achieved in the field of reproductive rights. The 2020 Guidelines on pharmacological IVG demonstrate the possibility of reducing hospitalization through adequate outpatient solutions. Law 194 already provides for the care of women by specialists, and the involvement of pro-life associations could compromise the confidentiality of the IVG process”.

With the motion of which councilor Bruni is the first signatory, the President of the Regional Council is asked to “express his dissent in the competent bodies, starting from the State-Regions Conference, with respect to the rule of the Decree of 2 March 2024 n. 19; not to exercise the right to involve Third Sector subjects in the Consultative Services, to avoid risks of violation of privacy and women's rights. strengthen investment in family counseling despite state underfunding”. Bruni also urges President Occhiuto to “guarantee the presence of non-conscientious objector doctors in Calabrian public structures for timely access to IVG”, and “initiate a discussion with the associations to discuss the state and government planning on access to women's reproductive health”.