Messina, the provincial party of the Unity of the Democratic Party over the weekend


By John

Partying, making Pd; visions of the future; community territory and local administrations and then a society without a limited number; the southern question; training, culture, educational policies; a world in motion and the fight against mafias.

These are the programmatic and in-depth themes that the Democratic Party of Messina, in collaboration with the Young Democrats, will propose over the weekend on the occasion of the Provincial Unity Festival, which will take place in the city of the Strait, starting on Friday 20 October at 6.30 pm, in Piazza Duomo. (See the program)

There will be three days of debates and discussions with the city’s active forces, party representatives and journalists, with various thematic focuses. “It is time to discuss and open our proposals to society to redesign together the idea of ​​the future of the city, of the province and to a larger extent of Sicily, with a careful eye on the international dynamics in this continuous, and dramatic, phase evolution”, we read in a note from the dem provincial coordination.

THE DETAILS – We start on Friday evening with ‘Party, do PD’, greetings from the Provincial Coordination and the vice-president of the Health Commission of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and deputy of Sala d’Ercole Calogero Leanza. Followed by ‘Visions of the future, Messina beyond the crisis’ with the participation of Felice Calabròleader of the Pd group in the Municipality of Messina; Antonella RussoPD city councilor in the Municipality of Messina; Renato Colettacouncilor of the Messina Pd district; Domenica Farinella, Professor of Sociology at the University of Messina;Gabriele De Filippo of Innesta, innovation hub and coworking; Clelia MaranoTenants Union; Alberto Palella, president of Confesercenti Messina; Erika La Fauci of the Young Democrats Messina. Moderate Marco Olivierimanaging director of Tempostretto.

Saturday 21 October at 11am, focus on ‘Which Democratic Party for the territory, communities and local administrations’, a round table that also wants to give a voice to the administrators who work every day in the province. Speakers: Sergio Limaof the Sicily PD regional secretariat; Calogero Leanzaregional deputy of the Democratic Party at Ars; Valentina Martino, municipal councilor of Patti and member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party; the mayor of Mirto and member of the dem National Assembly, Maurizio Zingales; Carmelo Galipòmunicipal councilor of Capo d’Orlando (National Assembly of the Democratic Party); Laura Giuffrida, member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the participation of other local party administrators and representatives of the PD clubs in the province of Messina is expected.

In the afternoon, at 4pm Gazebo Young Democrats, with the vice-president of the ARS Health Commission, Calogero Leanza, who will delve into the theme ‘A society without a limited number’, in relation to the recent bill approved by the Sicilian Regional Assembly, and of which Leanza is the first signatory, for the abolition of limited numbers in medical degree courses. Followed (5.30 pm) by a broad debate on the ‘Southern Question. Infrastructural gap: the challenge of sustainable development and the PNRR’ with: Antonio Nicita, senator of the Democratic Party; Nicola Irtosenator and regional secretary of the Democratic Party of Calabria; Michele Catanzaror, leader of the Democratic Party at the Ars; Pietro Pattigeneral secretary of CGIL Messina; Ivan Tripodi, sgeneral secretary of Uil Messina, Nino Alibrandigeneral secretary of CISL Messina; Mariano Tornatore, CNA Messina. The journalist moderates Barbara Turati. The day will be concluded by the national deputy and regional secretary of the Democratic Party in Sicily Anthony Barbagallointerviewed by Sebastiano Caspanellojournalist of the Gazzetta del Sud.

Sunday 22 October we start at 11am with ‘Three priorities for change: training, culture and educational policies’. Attendance expected Anthony Ferrante, president of the Sicily PD regional directorate; Cristina CostanzoPD Messina district councilor; Daniele Gonciaruk, actor and director; the artistic director of the Laudamo Philharmonic, Antonino Cicero; Francesco Gitto, of the Sicilian Middle School Students Network. The work is coordinated by the journalist Eduardo Abramo, Tg Messina – Tele90.

At 4 pm, Gazebo Young Democrats: ‘Words to the Future: A world in motion from South America to the Middle East, analysis by Federico Nastasi’, researcher and journalist. At 5pm focus ‘Against the mafias for a just and free society’. Speakers: Antonello Cracolicipresident of the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission at Ars; Stefania Marinonational member of the Democratic Party; Ivo Blandina, president of the Messina Chamber of Commerce; Lucia Risicatoprofessor of criminal law at the University of Messina; Alessandro Sciortinopresident of Legacoop Sicilia Orientale ed Enrico Pistorino, by Addiopizzo Messina. Moderate Nuccio Anselmo journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud and writer.

At 6.30pm, ‘For equality, the protection of rights and public health’ with Marco Furfaronational deputy and member of the PD national secretariat; Maria Flavia Stampformer national deputy; Alfredo Rizzo, Sicily PD regional secretariat; the mayor of Raccuja, Ivan Martella; the mayor of Casalvecchio Siculo, Marco Saetti; the deputy mayor of Malfa, Giuseppe Siracusano and Damiano Di Giovanni, of the Union of Messina University Students. Coordinate Tiziana Caruso journalist from the Gazzetta del Sud.

The provincial Democratic Party Unity Festival will end at 9pm with live shows by Davide Urso – The Drum of Aci; Marco Corrao, Mario Incudine and Antonio Vasta.

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