Attack in Catanzaro prison, three officers injured


By John

Another attack in the Catanzaro penitentiary, three policemen injured: according to what was reported in the press release signed by the SiNAPPe Vice-Coordinator Cristina Busà “an inmate with psychiatric problems restricted to the ATSM section (units for the protection of mental health), already known for his violent nature, responsible for a cruel murder in which his cellmate paid with his life, killed in kicks and punches. Late in the morning, while he was waiting to be examined by the prison doctor, he suddenly flew into a rage, brutally lashing out at the Penitentiary Police staff on duty. The injured officers sought treatment at the city emergency room and we are still waiting to know their state of health.”

“The higher departmental offices they have were immediately involved ordered the immediate transfer of the prisoner. Attacks against members of the Corps now occur daily in penitentiaries, a violence that continues to increase together with the distress of staff exposed to any type of attack – we read again in the press release -. The Si.NAPPe. expresses its strong concern for the events that have occurred and for the increasingly difficult conditions in which Penitentiary Police personnel are forced to operate. By now the staff is pervaded by a constant feeling of helplessness that permeates their souls and makes them aware that too often their safety is left to chance”.

Si.NAPPe “expresses its regret for what happened and expresses its closeness and support to the colleagues involved, with the hope of a speedy recovery”.