Migrants, three-way summit at Palazzo Chigi between Meloni, Sunak and Rama


By John

The President of the Council, Giorgia Melonimet jointly at Palazzo Chigi with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunakand the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama.

After having agreed on the need to address it in an increasingly structured way illegal immigration to Europe, the leaders agreed to further intensify collaboration between the three countries to combat human traffickers.

At the same time, the importance of achieving a definitive stabilization of the Western Balkans was reiterated, also on the basis of the progress recently made in the process of enlargement to the European Union region.

Meloni: “Sunak is a friend of Italy. We have built a relationship that is bearing fruit”

«I want to welcome the leader of a great European nation, a conservative leader, a friend of Italy, a personal friend of mine with whom we met on the fundamental issues of this time – immigration, artificial intelligence, family – and on which we have built a relationship that is bearing fruit.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this from the stage of the FdI Atreju event, presenting Rishi Sunak’s speech.

Sunak: “Agreements with Albania and Rwanda to stop criminals”

«Giorgia (Meloni) has signed an agreement with Albania and we have made an agreement with Rwanda: we want to interrupt the business model of these criminal gangs. And if this will require us to update our laws and have conversations internationally to create a framework on political asylum we must do so, because if we don’t manage this problem today the boats will continue to arrive. We must make sure that the deterrent does not work.” Thus British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. “If migrants come to Italy or England illegally they will not be able to stay, it must be clear.”