Autonomy, the Calabrian PD rises up: “Serious and subtle attack”


By John

«We are facing the most serious and subtle attack launched on the unity of the country and Southern Italy. The centre-right, led by Matteo Salvini’s League, has obtained the green light from the Senate for the differentiated autonomy project which digs an unbridgeable gap between the Northern and Southern regions, creating serious and second class citizens”. This was stated by the PD group in the Regional Council, after the approval in the Senate of the Differentiated Autonomy developed by the Northern League minister Roberto Calderoli.
«With a clumsy attempt to confuse the cards by stating that the center-left would have inserted autonomy into the Constitution – continues the note from the Dems – the Meloni government pays its promissory note to the League in exchange for the yes to the reform of the premiership and power face the European elections with trophies to display on the stages of rallies. At the expense of Italians and citizens of the South, the Meloni government, the most anti-southernist in the history of Italy, therefore continues to pursue exclusively its own interests, trampling on fundamental rights and increasing disparities. Gimbe’s latest report on healthcare migration has shown, with numbers in hand, the devastating effects of differentiated autonomy on healthcare in the Southern Regions. And President Cartabellotta expressed his appreciation for the work of the PD group on the topic. Yet the government continues to turn a deaf ear with the unacceptable complicity of the governors of the southern regions and the center-right parliamentarians of the South who are selling out the rights of their voters. The Democratic Party – concludes the note – as demonstrated by the opposition exercised yesterday at Palazzo Madama, and by the intervention of Senator Nicola Irto, will fight to the end, involving all the healthy forces of society, to block a harmful, classist, divisive reform which could mark the point of no return for the South and for the future of the country.”