Vibo, from arrest to acquittal: four years waiting for justice. The “odyssey” of Vincenzo De Filippis


By John

An evening like many others, spent with friends, after a long day at work. The same as always, “with the kids at school”. Then, suddenly, the ringing of the doorbell in the middle of the night. Vincenzo (for the people of Vibo) Enzo De Filippis think the worst. “Mother had been ill for months.” Instead, “The Carabinieri of Reggio were in front of the door serving me with an arrest warrant under house arrest as part of an operation (Rinascita) against the ‘ndrangheta gangs of the Vibonese area». Stuff that would leave anyone “dazed”, especially “those who, like me, had always dedicated their lives to work, family and friends”. A few minutes, the time “to close the children’s bedrooms and recover a minimum of lucidity. I started to think – the teacher recently fully acquitted tells Gazzetta del Sud – when, where and why I had made a mistake while the police, with great politeness, searched my home”. The mathematician par excellence speaks with his voice still broken by emotion, in the city of Luigi Razza. A brilliant career, always close to “kids in difficulty, my second family”, until the night of December 19, 2019. «Endless moments in which I looked into the eyes of my wife, my Luana who never gave up on me for an instant». In all this, “without ever losing faith in myself and in justice”. And in fact, «already a week later, before the district investigating judge – he recalls – I decided to speak in the knowledge that I would immediately clear up an incredible misunderstanding».