“Banco Nuovo-Cumps”, Motticella in the “jurisdiction” of the 'Ndrangheta of Africo


By John

From the reasons for the appeal sentence of the trial “New-Cumps Bank”defined with the ordinary rite, it emerges that in the area between the municipalities of Brancaleone And New Africaincluding the municipality of Ferruzzano is that of Bruzzano Zeffirio with its hamlet of Motticella, there is a multiple interest of cliques belonging to the 'ndrangheta. The judges of the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria recall the historical criminal context on the existence of the mafia organization contested by the Reggio Calabria anti-mafia district attorney in the “Banco Nuovo-Cumps” investigation, «which received jurisdictional recognition first and foremost with the irrevocable sentence issued following the outcome of the “Tuareg” proceeding, in which the association subject to the charge was deemed to exist from the year 1983 until 20.5.1999 (first instance sentence)».
«What emerges instead from the results of the “Crime” trial – we read again in the sentence – is the desire to reopen the “Locale di Motticella”, closed following a ferocious feud fought between the “Scriva-Palamara-Speranza” families on one side and “Morabito-Mollica” on the other, which began in the 1980s and continued for over a decade, leaving a very long trail of deaths.” The question of this reopening of the “Motticella place” «as can be deduced from the irrevocable sentence “Crimine” thanks to the patient intermediation of the “Mastro” Giuseppe Commisso, the Crime leaders found a compromise, deciding that Africo would remain the only operating place on that portion of territory and that Motticella, although no longer recovering the original connotations of the Locale to which it aspired, would have had the recognition of a “detached ndrina”, still falling within the “jurisdiction” of Africo, but governed by an autonomous company head”.

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