Nuclear waste: the Ars votes the M5S motion for “No” in the Trapani area


By John

This afternoon the ARS approved the motion, presented by the M5S and illustrated in the chamber by the Trapani MP Cristina Ciminnisi, the first signatory, against the hypothesis of building the national nuclear waste repository in one of the two areas identified in the municipalities of Trapani and Calatafimi Segesta . «The Government did not speak out and did not intervene in the chamber. The vote brings justice and dignity to our territories and to the whole island – states Ciminnisi – and the NO to the national radioactive waste repository voted by the chamber expresses the popular will. Bica's vote against the issue of jobs and economic development seems incredible to us. We do not intend to sell off our history, the beautiful landscapes, the agri-food excellences, the unique and unrepeatable productions, nor to exchange them for an alleged economic and social development which would go in the opposite direction to the tourist and agricultural vocation of the municipalities of Trapani and Calatafimi Segesta and of the Sicily more generally. Furthermore, it emerged during the classroom debate that the sites identified in Trapani and Calatafimi are far from suitable.” «We are disappointed by the fact that we did not hear an equally decisive NO from the Regional Government, once again prone to the dictates of Rome. It is unacceptable – concludes Ciminnisi – that in a land continually plundered of resources for structural modernization, in a region that is dealing with a thirty-year infrastructural delay, the only infrastructure that Rome is thinking of building in Sicily is a warehouse to accommodate radioactive waste from all over Italy. Once again an attempt was made to sacrifice Sicily on the altar of national interest. We now expect the Government to be consistent, to respect the vote of the chamber and to take action to ensure that Trapani and Calatafimi Segesta are excluded from the national map of sites indicated as suitable”.