Basile attacks the Government: “They want to steal resources.” Germanà replies: «Inability to administer»


By John

“We will not stand by and watch as FSC 14-20 and PON PLUS 21-27 resources are stolen to mask the government's failure to promise on PNRR funds”. This is what the mayor of Messina Federico Basile declares. “On the FSC 14-20 and PNRR funds, what we feared for some time is materializing, but we didn't believe – continues Basile – that it could go that far. While the Municipalities spend every possible energy to try to implement the interventions of the PNRR and stay within the deadlines as Messina is doing, finally the government, and Minister Fitto in particular, throws the mask on the FSC 14-20 funds, on the PNRR and on the funds PON METRO PLUS 21-27.

“Given that – explains the indigo – the metropolitan city of Messina has implemented every intervention under ownership (i.e. within its competence) with FSC 14-20 funds, today it is clear why, after several reminders and requests made to the Cohesion and Development department, the reprogramming of FSC funds 14-20 of the available resources was never accepted, despite it having been formalized in time and following the indication of the Minister himself on the management of funds not committed to 2022. Today it is clear where the Minister intends to take the funds to cover the reprogramming of the PNRR which the Mayors of the metropolitan cities, and not only, have never accepted, but the Cohesion Decree clearly states PON METRO PLUS 21-27 funds, already programmed and intended for interventions planned by metropolitan cities, to cover measures of the PNRR which has in part, for reasons certainly not attributable to the Municipalities, defunded, and obviously the economies of the FSC 14 – 20 will also have same fate”.

“After the reassurances of recent months on the financial coverage of urban regeneration interventions (PUI integrated urban plans PNRR), today it is understood that they have not found other resources and have put pen to paper, with an article of law of the cohesion decree, with the which they intend to take the resources from the PON METRO PLUS 21-27 In agreement with the other mayors we will not allow – concludes Mayor Basile – this political theft on the management of those resources and, for our City, we are verifying how to protect them in court. the FSC 14-20 resources who intend to rob Messina despite having followed the ministerial indications”.

Germanà's intervention

“I invite the mayor Federico Basile to seriously reflect on his vision of urban regeneration and on the scandalous inability to spend the funds already allocated. Basile has strikingly demonstrated the total inadequacy of his administration in the management of public funds. He has already lost the funds of the PON 2014-2020, returning an initial tranche of 19 million euros. But that's not all: funding for the Urban Regeneration Plans has been revoked, including fundamental projects such as Città del Ragazzo and Torre Morandi, for a total of over 100 million euros, due to its inability to comply with the PNRR closure constraint in June 2026. With Decree-Law no. 60 of 7 May 2024, Minister Fitto intervened to avoid the repayment of PNRR funds for the municipalities like Messina who have not demonstrated spending capacity by guaranteeing financial coverage with the PN PLUS 2021-2027 and revoking these funds from defaulting municipalities. This means that vital projects such as the I-HUB, the Fosso car park, the Urban Forestry, the Cannizzaro Galatti school, the projects and services of Messina Social City and all the programming much heralded by this administration will never see the light”.

“It is clear that the mayor has no idea what real urban regeneration means. The car parks have been placed haphazardly, without any regard for the devastating impact on local trade. The policies to support traders have been ridiculous, limiting himself to expensive concerts that have had no positive effect on the escape of young people or on the local economy. The city is on its knees, suffocated by disastrous management that has led only to waste and failure. He suddenly changed his mind about the Bridge, but not for an in-depth reflection or a change in objective circumstances. No, Basile changed his mind simply because Cateno De Luca changed his mind for a specific electoral strategy. This behavior is unacceptable for those who should lead the city with decision and independence. It is clear that the mayor is not capable of making autonomous and thoughtful decisions for the good of our community. His lack of leadership and his inability to formulate a coherent vision are leading our city into inevitable decline. Basile must realize the irreparable damage he has caused. His inability and short-sighted vision has transformed the city into an economic and social desert. It's time for him to take note of his responsibilities and step down, allowing someone more competent to lift this city from the abyss into which it has fallen.”

Musolino: “Over 35 million resources lost for Messina”

«While Mayor Basile thunders against Fitto for the revocation of approximately 100 million unspent euros from the Pnrr, reading yet another homework that was poorly written for him, on 7 May 2024 he proposes a resolution to the council in which he attests to a new, evident management inefficient use of the Pon Metro's financial resources. From Resolution no. 187 of 7 May 2024 it clearly emerges that, despite the amount of available resources being equal to 153,099,011.02 euros, the Municipality managed to spend only 117,325,828.24 euros by the deadline of 31 December 2023. This means that 35,773,183 euros of funding were lost, precious resources that could have been invested to improve the services and infrastructure of our city.” The senator of Italia Viva Dafne Musolino writes this regarding the affair of the FSC and Pon Metro funds of the city of Messina. “Mayor Basile – continues Musolino – it is clear that he must study to administer a city. His disastrous management not only demonstrates a lack of competence, but is producing incalculable damage to our community. Instead of lashing out against others, he should focus on his inability to effectively use the available funds. Citizens deserve a capable and responsible administration, not an improvised politician who wastes the opportunities (already assigned, moreover) and crucial resources for the development and well-being of the city”.