Kiev admits: “Positions abandoned north of Kharkiv, over 4 thousand people evacuated”. Russia advances along the entire front line


By John

In the last 24 hours, the Kremlin army attacked Ukraine along the entire front line. The Kiev general staff reported this in the morning report, adding that in total there were 155 battles on the ground. The Russian military launched 13 missile attacks and 118 airstrikes, as well as 120 rockets, on Ukrainian troop positions and populated areas. Condominiums and private homes were affected, as well as infrastructure. According to the Ukrainian army, the Kremlin forces are suffering serious losses: 1,260 Russian soldiers lost their lives in battle in the last day alone.

The Gostri Kartuzi unit of the Ukrainian National Guard's Omega special forces said last night that it had been forced to abandon some positions in the north of the Kharkiv region due to the heavy Russian assault and that populated areas have come under enemy control. “At 2 pm (on Saturday) battles began for the strategically important Glubokoye. Russian losses are massive, but they continue to apply pressure and in some places have been successful,” reads the message from the unit on X which also posted a video showing a column of Russian infantry moving south of the village of Morokhovets.

“In total, 4,073 people were evacuated», Synegubov wrote on social media a day after Russian forces claimed the conquest of five villages in the region.

And meanwhile, on the other front, new Ukrainian attack on oil refineries on Russian territory during the night: Drones of military special services hit the Kaluganefteprodukt plant and the Novolipetsk Metallurgy Plant in Volgograd, sources told RBC-Ukraine. The governor of Russia's southern Volgograd region Andrey Botharov confirmed the attack, explaining that the flames had already been put out at the Kaluga refinery, owned by Lukoil, and there had been no casualties. The Russian Defense Ministry said it intercepted a total of eight Ukrainian drones overnight.

Also “The city and district of Belgorod were subjected to massive shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Following a direct hit of a grenade on an apartment building”, the entire section “of the entrance from the tenth to the first floor collapsed”. This was stated by the governor of the Belgorod oblast, Vyacheslav Gladkov, on his Telegram channel, quoted by the Ria-Novosti agency. The Tass agency instead speaks of at least 300 apartments damaged in 85 residential buildings and 4 single-family houses and 14 commercial businesses, again in Belgorod, due to “intense shelling” by the Ukrainian army.