Battiti Calabresi on stage at the Amphitheater of Torre Marrana in Ricadi


By John

The musical reading “Battiti Calabresi” created by the Vibono publisher Renato Costa continues to attract interest. It is no coincidence that President Giacomo Benedetto’s Proloco di Capo Vaticano personally requested to host the format at the suggestive location of the Torre Marrana Amphitheatre. This stage not included in the initial program of “Battiti Calabresi” will therefore take place on Sunday 17 September from 6.30 pm at the Torre Marrana Amphitheater in Ricadi. The voices of Pamela Bruno, Dolores Mazzeo and Giuseppe Ingoglia accompanied by guitarist Enrico Damiano Vallone will guide the audience on a journey through the wonders offered by the Calabrian landscape told by Calabrian authors and beyond. The event will enjoy an absolute preview of the media participation of the digital channel “TV VIO” which is organizing a surprise for the public present. The event will be attended by the mayor of Ricadi Nicola Tripodi, the councilor for culture Francesca Loiacono and the president Giacomo Benedetto who will inaugurate the evening with the usual institutional greetings.