Biasci isn’t enough for Catanzaro. The Giallorossi score 1-1 at the “Ceravolo” against Palermo PHOTO


By John

Catanzaro – Palermo 1-1

Markers: 29′ pt Biasci (C) in the 29th minute; 3′ st Segre (P)

Catanzaro (4-4-2) Fulignati 6; Situm 6 (33′ st Oliveri sv), Scognamillo 6.5, Brighenti 6.5, Veroli 6.5 (41′ st Antonini sv); Sounas 6, Pompetti 6.5, Verna 6.5 (33′ st Petriccione sv), Vandeputte 6; Iemmello 5.5 (19′ st Ambrosino 6), Biasci 7 (41′ st Stoppa sv). All. Vivarini 6.5

Palermo (4-2-3-1) Pigliacelli 6; Graves 6, Nedelceauru 6, Ceccaroni 6.5, Lund 6.5 (41′ st Aurelio sv); Gomes 6.5, Segre 7; Di Mariano 6.5 (41′ st Vasic sv), Ranocchia 6 (33′ st Coulibaly sv), Di Francesco 5.5 (28′ st Insigne 6); Soleri 5 (28′ st Mancuso 6). All. Corini 6.5

Referee: Barons of Florence 6

Note: Viewers 9,861 of which 5,393 season ticket holders, takings of 141,000 euros. Ranocchia and Brighenti booked. Corners 4-5. Rec. 2′; 4′.

This draw against Palermo shouldn’t be thrown away for nothing. There is a hint of regret because Catanzaro had gone on the run with the scratch of Biasci almost at half an hour, but it’s not like you can always hit a battleship like the Rosanero one. It had already happened in the first leg, if it had happened in the second leg it would have been perfect, but putting the values ​​of both teams on the table, a point is a lot gained and the goal of Secrets at the beginning of the second half he re-established the balance, right in the overall of what was seen and what was built. Catanzaro moves the table and it is never a given that it will happen, they regain morale and it was needed, it gives a signal to the other occupants of the playoff zone, in the sense that they will also have to continue to take the Giallorossi into consideration. The Eagles had not had the

Photo by Salvatore Monteverde