Reggina and Brunetti’s words: “I understand the fans. Now the club must earn their trust”


By John

Brunetti: “I understand the concerns and doubts of the fans, we have come from years of deception and two very difficult months. Now the club must earn the trust of the people of Reggio on the field and the pride of representing this community”

The acting mayor of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria he expressed his impressions on the sidelines of the meeting held today at Palazzo San Giorgio between the amaranth club and a representation of the fans. “I think it was a fruitful discussion. My task was to bring the fans, the organized groups, a representation of the curve, to the new club. The fans were able to submit their doubts and their concerns , absolutely legitimate. The company had the opportunity to illustrate its plans on the financial and sporting project.” So Acting Mayor Paolo Brunetti at the end of the meeting between the new club and the amaranth fans, which took place today at Palazzo San Giorgio.

“I understand the concerns of the sports community. We have come from two absurd months during which our history and the identity of our shirt have been repeatedly trampled upon. Among other things, after the last few years in which we have witnessed continuous corporate changes, characters of all kinds, who have shown that they care more about their interests than those of Reggina. It is absolutely understandable that there is skepticism and even a certain distrust towards a new property. It is physiological that this happens, especially after what happened. But on the other hand, I believe that these difficulties can be transformed into a richness, that they serve to improve the project, to modulate it from hour to hour by listening to suggestions and advice. It is evident that a new phase must now be opened and the project must necessarily go ahead in the name of dialogue with the territory. For my part, as an institution that represents the city, I have made myself the intermediary of this comparison between the club and the fans, which I consider essential, very useful for the amaranth community which in this way dissolves the legitimate doubts that have arisen in these hours and for the same club that can better calibrate its prospects by listening to the true owners of the amaranth shirt, who are the fans themselves”.

“My hope – concluded Brunetti – and I intended to make it explicit to the club itself, is that this dialogue continues. The fans are embittered, disoriented and distrustful, they have swallowed many bitter pills in recent years and even more in the last two months. They deserve all the respect in the world. They have not given up for a moment to defend the prerogatives of Reggio Sport. After the debacles of the last few weeks it is now necessary to build new points of reference. And an essential pillar must be dialogue and discussion. I have done understand to the representatives of the club that they are not building a simple company, but a community that has been a reference point in Reggio Calabria for many generations. And it still is today, regardless of the category. Reggio deserves respect. The fans are right to demand it. And the company must guarantee full transparency, financial stability, sporting ambition and of course it must demonstrate that it knows how to guarantee the trust of a people who have been repeatedly deluded on the field, day after day”.