Bologna massacre, thunders Vallone (Anpi Catanzaro): “Scandalous that De Angelis speaks in Calabria”. Event cancelled


By John

«The mere thought that such an ambiguous character as Marcellus De Angelis, friend and relative of past and present fascists is invited to speak in our region horrifies us. Even more today after the shameful claims about Bologna massacre in full disfigurement of all the sentences which, after decades of investigations, definitively sentenced his fascist friends to life imprisonment. The president thought about it a few days ago Sergio Mattarella to remember the story of that horrible massacre and the role of the fascists as material executors. Nobody cancels the truth, not even this De Angelis who doesn’t know why he holds the position of communication manager in the Lazio region ». He says it Mario VallonePresident of the Provincial Committee Anpi di Catanzaro who adds: «The president of the families of the victims has done well Paul Bolognese to say that we are tired of these balloonists. The national PNA did well to rise up. Let the organizers of the event in Montauro think carefully about it, you have invited not only a fascist but a former parliamentarian who does not respect constitutional values ​​and tarnishes the memory of dozens of innocent victims with impunity. You can do without this presence – he concludes – skipping an appointment is not so serious when historical and judicial truth is involved as well as respect for so many lives broken by fascist barbarism”.

Event cancelled

«In order to avoid any controversy and exploitation of any kind, the event scheduled for tonight is cancelled. We continue to believe in the value of pluralism and reject any approach to any extremism of any background or colour”. With a post on the event’s official Facebook page, the organizers of the «Panta Festival 2023», an art and culture festival underway in Montauro (Catanzaro), have decided to cancel an event scheduled tonight with Marcello De Angelis.