Botricello, the sewerage network of Marina di Bruni will be rebuilt: the Calabria Region grants the financing


By John

New financing granted to the Municipality of Botricello by the Calabria Region. The “Territory and Environmental Protection” Department has, in fact, communicated the approval of the form presented by the Municipal Administration for “Functional adaptation of the purifier and lifts”.
The financing is equal to 160 thousand euros and will allow intervention for the total renovation of the sewerage network in via Palinuro, in Marina di Bruni, which has caused several inconveniences in recent years. Therefore, the network of zone 167 will be completed with two new sections, continuing with the strengthening of the purification plant and the lifting pumps with the purchase of a compressor with a dedicated technical room and 4 electric pumps.
The financing is the result of the attention paid by the Regional Council to environmental policies, with the aim of implementing extraordinary maintenance interventions for purification plants, lifting stations and sewerage networks in coastal municipalities.
This new financing, the works of which will be carried out immediately and before the summer season, adds to the works already underway in the Botricello purifier for an amount of approximately 400 thousand euros, therefore to the extraordinary maintenance interventions of the lifting pumps already implemented by the Administration Municipal in collaboration with the Multiservizi company which manages the sewerage network and the purification system.
Mayor Saverio Simone Puccio stated: “This financing confirms some key points of our administrative action. Meanwhile, the ability to plan and compare with the Calabria Region, therefore an in-depth knowledge of the entire purification system, managing to obtain the funds needed to guarantee the correct functioning of the system”. Mayor Puccio expressed his thanks to the President Roberto Occhiuto, the Council and the manager Salvatore Siviglia “for the attention shown”, then addressed words of appreciation “towards our technical staff who are carrying out an enormous job so as not to miss any opportunity for the benefit of the Botricellese community”.