A woman killed by a naked man while jogging in a park in Switzerland


By John

A naked man killed a woman while she was jogging in a lakeside park in Switzerland last night, police announced today. The attack occurred in Mannedorf, on the shores of Lake Zurich, about 20 kilometers southeast of Switzerland's largest city, cantonal police said. A 19-year-old suspect of Swiss nationality was arrested.

“On Tuesday evening, a woman was attacked and fatally injured by a man in Mannedorf,” Zurich cantonal police said, adding that the victim had gone out jogging. “Shortly before 8pm, some passers-by reported the presence of a man in Alma park who was running naked, shouting and attacking other people,” the police said.

Emergency services found the seriously injured woman, who eventually died despite efforts to resuscitate her, police said. Police said they were investigating the identity of the slain woman and whether she knew the attacker.