Calabria, ad hoc law to “save” construction


By John

Offer support to Calabrian construction companies in difficulty due to too many “substandard” loans. The bill signed by the representatives of the League in the Regional Council was born with this objective and which aims to «alleviate the financial difficulties of the subjects who, after having applied the discount on the invoice and acquired the related tax credit pursuant to Legislative Decree 34/ 2020, they are unable to monetize it due to the congestion of the credit transfer system”. To be honest, this is not an absolute novelty. A few months ago, a similar initiative was taken by members of the Action group at Palazzo Campanella without, however, achieving great success. What changes, however, this time, is the person entitled to purchase the credits. While in the text signed by the Calendians this task was delegated to the Region through Fincalabra, in the proposal of the Salvinians everything is entrusted – also following the path recently traced by Basilicata – to the regional public economic bodies or to those public entities that operate under private law. Any examples? Sacal, the company that manages the Calabrian airports, or the new single large Calabrian reclamation consortium.