Reggina, Cannizzaro intervenes and Ilari leaves. Saladini returns. “Now united in the Council of State”


By John

“After a tight diplomatic action lasting whole days, sleepless nights, as expressly and vigorously requested by fans and the city, the entrepreneur Manuele Ilari leaves Reggina and leaves it forever. Reggina 1914 needs, in these hours, a guide safe. At the same time, therefore, I convinced Felice Saladini to take back the reins of the Amaranth Company, to restore order”. This is what we read in a note published on social media by Francesco Cannizzaro, Forza Italia deputy from Reggio.

“As I hoped and advocated, Saladini himself agreed to call himself into question only for planning coherence and a gesture of responsibility towards Reggina, a sign of respect towards the City and Tifo. And I thank him for this, because I understand even personal difficulties. But, together, we have reached what I consider the best solution in this dramatic phase: the willingness to give in immediately in front of a solid and concrete negotiation. Saladini is ready to sell the Club at any time in the face of a strong and authoritative consortium of entrepreneurs or investors who intend to take over Reggina by setting themselves two simple objectives: the rebirth and stability of the environment, possibly supported by victories on the turf.Together with the other actors in this paradoxical affair, I will myself promote of solutions in this sense, trying to identify people worthy of the amaranth values, but one step at a time: now we go together, compact, with our values ​​of seriousness, freedom and honesty, to the Council of State. The battle is and must be one of law and norms; a field that up to now has not proved us right, but in which we must fight to the last drop of hope, committing ourselves beyond the last residue of energy. Then, we will face everything that comes as a large community: united, towards ambitious goals.”