Calabria, interns’ contracts expiring. Magarò: guarantee their continuation


By John

«In the next few days the contracts of around 4,000 workers employed in the Calabrian municipalities through social inclusion internships will expire. Administrations will therefore find themselves deprived of a large contingent of staff whose contribution is precious, indeed crucial to guaranteeing the provision of essential services to citizens. in many cases these people have become the backbone of local authorities.”
He reports it in a note Salvatore Magaròformer regional councilor of Calabria and mayor of Castiglione Cosentino.
«In my municipality there are nine interns: these are collaborators who have been carrying out their duties for several years now and who have acquired experience and professionalism in the field. The economic treatment reserved for them is humiliating, just as I believe it is unfair that these people cannot enjoy adequate social security treatment to guarantee them a dignified pension. Continuing to keep these people in limbo is scandalous and unworthy of a civilized country. And also address the problem on an emergency basis as the contract expires.
For this reason – added Magarò – I urge Anci Calabria and all the mayors to take a clear and clear position in support of these workers, not only to guarantee them the continuation of their internships but above all to urge the Government, even with strong actions such as handing over the keys to the house municipal to the Prefects of the five provinces, to address the issue once and for all.
I am certain – concluded the mayor of Castiglione Cosentino – that the president of the Region, Roberto Occhiutowill not fail to give the right centrality to the matter, bringing it back to the center of the political agenda and initiating the right discussions to arrive at a solution to the dispute”.