Truck overturns on the A14 and loses its load of tomatoes. The driver was a 35-year-old resident of Gioia Tauro


By John

The section of the A14 motorway between Canosa di Puglia and Andria in the direction of Bari is closed due to a truck which, overturning, lost the load of tomatoes which it transported and also dispersed some diesel fuel. The incident occurred around 7.40am today. The driver of the heavy vehicle, a 35-year-old of Tunisian origins resident in Gioia Tauro (in the province of Reggio Calabria), was rescued by 118 personnel and is now in the emergency room of the “Bonomo” hospital in Andria for checks. According to what has emerged so far from the investigations carried out by the Polstrada agents, the undercarriage of the truck – which left Lucera and headed for Calabria – would have broken, thus separating itself from the cab. The load of tomatoes also invaded the northern carriageway on which there is only one lane.